A Quick Review on JILOA Course.

First of all, i would say this course was my first experience of working in a real working environment; and it helped me to catch a proper image of how everyone work together to get a big project done. It is true that in programming, we may not know what we are building until all the codes are integrated and form a product. A big project would be broken down into several different parts and each part would be handled by a group of programmers. Then, every group has its own task to do. Some parts of the project do not need to know how the other parts are going. Team-working, brainstorming, setting up tasks for each group are all the important initial steps of the process. That would help to work efficiently.

A project leader or advisor is also very important to help get the project’s process on the right track and make it move as quick as possible. 

Beside those, real working environment involves clients. We need to stay informed and updated with them. Although clients do not always know what they talk about programming, we have to focus on what they would like the product to function so that we can both come to a happy ending of a contract.

Communication is the very important thing to get the project done efficiently. Beside emaillist, Git and GitHub were new to me and they were great tools. They are also the great tools for out teams to manage, share, and contribute on our project. I would learn more about them.

Since our big project was broken into smaller parts and each group had a different part to work on, besides my team’s work, i did not know about other teams’ works – how they had their tasks finished. there were many things that i would like to work on but i did not such as data base, server, user interface, and testing the codes. However, the priority goal of the course was to learn how to work together in a real working environment, to have the ability to process, analyze corporate, and get the job done; and i felt like i already had the achievements for those from this course.

For this course, i wish i could know more about git and the language used for the project before. 

For the weekly post, we were asked to post weekly, but with the lack of programming languages, being stuck on how to get problem solved, some weeks i was on the same thing. Rather than just post a sentence to say about that, i waited until i got something done to post. That caused the lack of my posts.



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